Our Cuisine: Genuineness and Sustainability at Km0

At the Casa Scola farmhouse, we firmly believe in enhancing the richness of the territory through a culinary philosophy based on authenticity and sustainability. Our cuisine is what is defined as "Km0", a concept that enhances the link between the food we bring to the table and the land in which we live.

The produce we use comes from local sources, both from our own farm and from small producers in the area. This allows us to guarantee the absolute freshness and quality of the ingredients, while helping to support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of our farm.

In our kitchen, you will find authentic and genuine flavours, with traditional recipes from Campania prepared with love and passion. From the vegetables picked in our garden, to the animals raised on our farm, from local cheeses to the olive oil produced directly from our olive trees: each ingredient tells the story of this land and the people who work it.

Each dish is a journey through flavor and tradition, a tribute to the abundance of nature and the culinary art of Campania. Furthermore, we are always happy to tailor our menus to suit our guests' dietary needs, ensuring a dining experience that satisfies all palates.

Sit at our table, enjoy the food prepared with care and love, and enjoy the experience of a meal that not only delights the palate, but also reflects respect for the land and the community. Welcome to Casa Scola's kitchen, where food is a celebration of nature and local culture.